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You can obtain discounts on the following types of podiatry services and procedures:



     Diabetic foot care

     Heel and arch pain

     Ingrown toenails


     Custom orthotics



     Wound and ulcer care



The discounted podiatric services and procedures are available at each Family Medical office. 

Please call (215) 465-5342 to set up an appointment.

Please note that we may change, modify, or substitute the Discounted Services or Discounted Providers at any time without notice to you.  The Discounted Providers may change the discount they offer to you from time to time,  Please contact the Discounted Providers directly n order to obtain a current list of available services and discounts.


This Appendix is part of the Terms and Conditions of the Family Medical Services Plan.  In the event this Appendix conflicts with the Terms and Conditions, the Terms and Conditions shall control.


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