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What is the Family Medical Services Plan?

     The Family Medical Services Plan is a basic physician services plan organized by physicians who in the past have been frustrated with the constant limitations imposed by traditional health insurance plans.  They have put together this plan for people in their communities offering the basic physician services they provide in their offices.


Is the Family Medical Services Plan an Insurance Plan or Insurance Policy?

     No. We are physicians who provide physician services.  We are not an insurance company, and the Plan is not insurance.  Importantly, not all types of health care are covered under the Plan.  Instead, we strive or give affordable physician services to those who do not want to pay for - or cannot afford - full featured health insurance coverage.


 Where ate the details of the Family Medical Services Plan?

     The details f the Plan are contained on the Terms and Conditions and the various Appendices shown in the Plan booklet.  Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully for more information about the Plan.


 How is this program different from other non-insurance health programs?

   With the Family Medical Services Plan, you can receive a wide range of basic physician services in our offices with no additional out of pocket expenses.  You pay only an initiation fee and your monthly payment for these Covered Services.  We also provide certain other tests n our offices for an additional charge.  These Additional In-Office Services include pap tests, drug testing, EKGs, blood typing, HIV and syphilis testing, thyroid testing, paternity and pregnancy testing, adult immunization updates, and prostate cancer screening.  We do not provide all health care services you may need, like hospital services and services by specialists, and you will have to pay for these services directly to those providers.  However, we may be able to arrange for discounts from other health providers, such as pharmacies, dentists, and medical suppliers.  This is not a medical savings plan and there is no co-payment or deductible involved.


How many persons can I include under my membership in the Plan?

     You may include up to five (5) individuals in a Family Membership for an initiation fee

and a single low monthly payment (up to two (2) adults and three (3) dependent children). 

 We offer other membership options to suit tour needs.  These membership options and associated fees are set forth in the Terms and Conditions.


What physician services are included for the monthly payment:

     Adults will be able to use their memberships for unlimited sick visits to our offices and a yearly physical with blood work.  Children will be able to use their memberships for unlimited sick visits to our offices, yearly physicals, immunizations. Well Child Care and Well Baby Care, and blood lead tests. Our team of physicians manage a wide variety of disease states with special interest in hypertension, diabetes, asthma, arthritis, and high cholesterol.

     Your membership may also entitle you to obtain discounted prices on certain prescription drugs, dental services, vision care, podiatric (foot) care, gastrointestinal procedures, mental health care, surgical procedures, radiological services, stress testing, and medical equipment from selected community health care providers.  You will be responsible for paying these providers directly for these services.  We may change or modify these services, providers, and discounts from time to time.  Please review the Terms and Conditions for a detailed explanation of the services that are included in your membership.


What if I need a specialist?

     We do not provide specialty services under the plan, but may be able to arrange a specially service at a discounted rate to you.  You are responsible for paying these specialty providers.  Our Discounted Providers include specialty practitioners such as cardiologists, ophthalmologists, podiatrists, surgeons, social workers or psychiatrists and radiologists.


Will the Plan cover hospitalization and emergency care?

     No.  The Plan does not cover hospital or emergency care.  We only provide Covered Services and Additional In-Office Services at our offices, and may be able to arrange for discounts from other medical providers.


 When can I be seen at the office?


   You may use your membership as soon as you pay the initiation fee and the first monthly membership fee.  We provide same-day services during our normal business hours.


 How do I go about finding one of your office locations in my area?

     We currently have five convenient locations.  You may use any one of our facilities at any time during normal business hours.  Please keep in mind that the locations of our offices may change from time to time.


Who do I call with questions?

   We would be happy to answer your questions.  You can call us at (215) 669-3722 during normal business hours.