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Office VisitsDiscounted In-Office ServicesDiscounted Prescription DrugsBlood TestsAdditional Specialty Services


Unlimited Free Medical Office Visits, Work & Sports Physicals included at no additional cost! No Co-Payments for Office Visits!


In addition to the Covered Services, Members are entitled to receive discounts on immunizations and diagnostic tests



Pharmacy discount plan for only $5.00 to $10.00 payments!


Blood work at no additional charge!




We have arranged with certain medical professionals to provide discounted specialty services in Gastroenterology,  Radiology, Stress Testing, and Surgical Services.

Discounted Dental ServicesDiscounted Opthomology ServicesDiscounted Podiatry ServicesDiscounted Medical EquipmentDiscounted Psychiatric Services


We have several dental office locations which are available to provide periodic maintenance, emergency care and and specialty procedures.  Plan members receive discounts on all dental services



* Discounted Eye Glasses and Eye Exams!


We have made arrangements with several Podiatry Offices in the area which are available to provide periodic maintenance, emergency care and special procedures which are discounted for our members.



We have made special arrangements with medical equipment dealers that offer a large variety of diabetic testing supplies and other medical equipment.  Plan members can save on home health products and home delivery is also available to our members



We have arranged with certain medical professionals to provide discounted  psychiatric services and procedures at different locations.